About Centerline Pilates


Fully equipped Balanced Body Pilates studio with Master Pilates and Foundation Training Instruction

I’ve been a certified and practicing Pilates Instructor since 2005 and participated in the first level one and level two certifications of Foundation Training since 2012. 


Instead of following a text book of isolated exercises I look at where and why there is a deviation from the norm. Then address the body as a connective system not only respecting each person’s goals and limitations but also how to incorporate better movement in their day to day lives. 

I am constantly exploring the value and of all kinds of movement and how they can help me train and understand my clients.  

We are also one of the first studios in California to have a Fuse Ladder. Developed by Mariska Breland of The Neurostudio. It's a fun and challenging alone or used together with other Pilates equipment. 


Centerline Pilates and Foundation Training

Serving Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

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