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About My Practice

Improving occupational and sport performance through physical pattern conditioning.

I’ve been a certified and practicing Pilates Instructor since 2005. I then was a part of the first certification group for Foundation Training in 2012. I believe in a very individual approach to training. Addressing not only each persons goals and limitations but also how to incorporate better movement in their day to day lives.


Although I teach group classes my expertise is in tailoring programs for individuals. Email or text at our studio number to set up a time for your private or semi private session. 

Small Classes with Attention to Details : Click on Calendar to Schedule 



With Current Covid Restrictions Pilates Mat and Foundation Training Mat will be held Via Zoom. Reformer Classes are by appointment which means if you have at least two people that have a day and time I will make a class and open remaining spots to others wanting to join. Also let me know other requests since there might be someone else you don't know looking for a similar day and time. 




-Approval and registration required for Reformer group classes

-Pilates Mat and Reformer classes are 55 Minutes. Foundation Training Mat classes are 45 Minutes. 


Mat Pilates: A blend of Traditional and Modern Pilates exercise on the floor. Occasionally balls, blocks, and Magic circles may be incorporated. 


Foundation Training: Developed by Dr. Eric Goodman. Simply executed powerful movements to encourage decompression of the spine and functional core strength. 


Reformer: A blend of traditional and progressive Pilates and Foundation Training exercises done on Pilates Reformers. Depending on the exercise the machinery can add support or additional resistance and balance challenges. Private or Semi- Private sessions may be required prior to participating in this class for your safety and to understand how the equipment is operated. 



Reformer Classes

1- $40 Drop in 

5- $35 Each total of $175

10-$30 Each total of $300


Pilates Mat, Yoga, and Foundation Training Classes

1-$20 Drop in

5-$15 Each total of $175

10-$12.50 Each total of $125



* ask about discounts for first responders

Mindful Individual Instruction: Privates and Semi- Privates 

Master Privates: 

1- $80 Each 

5- $75 Each total of $375

10- $70 Each total of $700


Master Semi-Privates: (Price per participant must have partner at same time of sign up)

1- $55 Each

5- $50 Each total of $250

10- $45 Each total of $450



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